Bandit Chrome extension was a growth hacking tactic to increase our talent pool and improve recruiters’ efficiency.

Problem Statement

Bandit internal recruiters spent hours a day searching on Linkedin, looking for digital talent to fit our job offers. Every time a candidate was found, it had to be added manually to our Salesforce CRM. This process was so inefficient and painful for our recruiters, so we wanted to change it. Our key discoveries were:

  • Linkedin profiles have the same format.
  • Data entry to Salesforce could be added via API (data model).
  • Several HR software already used Chrome extensions to facilitate easy-accessible additions on the tool.

What did we do?

Based on our exploration, we saw a clear quick-win to solve the problem, so:

  • We hired a freelance developer with expertise on Chrome extensions and knowledge managing APIs.
  • We designed a connection Linkedin-to-CRM considering auths and mapping Linkedin profiles’ fields with our CRM fields.
  • We built a Chrome extension to facilitate new profile entries from Linkedin to our CRM, in just 1 click.

What did we build?

A Chrome Extension with the following capabilities:

  • Scrap Linkedin profiles, end-t0-end.
  • Login to our CRM.
  • Insert Linkedin end-to-end profile to our CRM automatically (via API), tracing recruiter action.