Bandit was a curated marketplace, with the mission to improve efficiency and experience hiring digital talent. It was a spin-off of Nubelo (freelance Marketplace acquired by

Product Strategy

Recruitment for digital talent works completely oppositely of the rest of hiring specialities. Why? There is more demand (companies hiring, job offers) than supply (talent). Also, digital talent is much more open and flexible to choose different job modalities: full-time or contractor, on-site or remote. acquired Marketplace, but we kept our technology: platform, apps and algorithm. So, we focused on the supply (talent), instead of the demand (job offers), flipping a standard job portal.

  • Candidates post her/his profile when they are open to job opportunities (instead of companies posting job offers).
  • Companies apply to talent (instead of talent applying to job offers).
  • Talent accepts and rejects companies (instead of companies screening candidates).

What did we do?

We had the vision, the expertise, and technology that could be re-utilised, and within a month we launched the new business:

  • We hired a creative agency, to build a fresh, innovative and revolutionary brand.
  • We revamped our products, defining core functionalities, mapping with existing code.
  • We built fast, crucial on these types of hard pivots.

What did we build?
  • A web platform to create talent/company profiles and listing candidates.
  • iOS and Android apps, where companies could apply or discard digital talent available by swiping.
  • An algorithm based on talent and company preferences.

It was a race against the time, but in the end, we launched Bandit, on-time, getting a very relevant market fit on our platforms.