Nubelo app was a Tinder-like app to accept or reject freelance project or job offers with just a swipe. It was a revolutionary concept in the industry (we launched it at the same time as AngelList), and we got massive adoption. In Colombia, we got more than 50K downloads in 3 days.

Device diversification

Nubelo was a platform with a ton of complexity. Building an app has been in leadership conversations since company inception, but we wanted stronger arguments to build it. Once we had ~30% of traffic coming from phone devices and qualitative data requesting an app, again and again, we determined that it was the time.

What did we do?

There is a huge variety of possibilities and decisions to take on the way from deciding ‘let’s build an app’ to building it. iOS or Android first? Both? Which technology? Which functionalities first? It would be a web-platform copycat or would it present any additional value? A lot of discovery work has to be done before launching a mobile app if it is coming from a web-only platform. We decided to:

  • Design and build a hybrid app for iOS and Android, using Ionic stack.
  • UX and UI were led by Marc Ruaix, our Design Lead. Check the app in his portfolio here.
  • Outsource the development as we didn’t have the expertise internally.
  • Include the core talent flow first: search, accept and reject projects and job offers, and track applications.

What did we build?

We copied the Tinder concept to accept and reject freelance projects or job offers (idea of our CEO, Francesc Font). This functionality helped to generate a WOW impact. Main functionalities included:

  • Search freelance projects or job offers using filters.
  • Accept and Reject freelance projects or job offers just by swiping.
  • Track the status of your applications.
  • Basic settings functions.

After that, we added more functionalities as profiles, project/job suggestions based on our algorithm, and a chat.

Getting a date or a job, what is the difference?